Are You Prepared to Launch?

We are looking to partner with “tadpole brands” that have moved beyond the infancy stage and are ready to launch into market (but don’t know how).


Are you a Tadpole? Ask yourself…


  • Is my product or service ready to sell?

  • Do I have any seed capital, or will I have access to investment funds or expendable profits within three years?

  • Is this more than just an idea, but rather a real, marketable product or service?

  • Am I open to a creative compensation structure to retain the services of a professional brand strategy consultant, so that I have no capital outlays for the first 12 months, but am committed to repaying the service fee over the subsequent 24 months?

  • Is my idea simply too good to give up on?


If you answered YES to ALL of the above, please shoot us an email at indicating your interest in an initial exploratory conversation. We look forward to hearing all about the next big thing!


If you answered NO to SOME of the above, contact us anyway! We have launch-pad services for early-stage startups that simply need a brand identity, website or marketing materials. We can even help you secure helpful government grants to pay for our services!



Grow legs.